Our Journey

  • My Wish!

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer I watched our family and friends rally around us to support us in whatever way they could. I watched the concern and worry on my husband’s and children’s faces when they found out I had cancer. Our children were too young to know the details, but smart enough to know something was wrong. In that moment I vowed to fight. After I was done with treatment I wanted to do something memorable for my family so decided I would work hard to get us to Disneyland. It took 3 years but we did it. The best thing about it, was it was a first of many; first time in a airplane, first time off the island, first time to the mainland, first time to Disneyland (as well as the other amusement parks), and our twins turned 9 on this trip. We also got to share this experience with our amazing friends. They made this trip so much more fun and memorable.