Our Journey

  • The Dream

    As the company grows so did the need for more space. In March, we began building our dream of having a place where we would be able to grow Kumumea...
  • Our Give Back!

    Because of YOU we donated 600 face masks to Hawai’i Pacific Oncology Center.  During pandemic access to face masks began nearly impossible to obtai...
  • Survivors Stick Together!

    As a cancer survivor I understand the hardships physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.  When we found out our Graphic Designer was diagnosed with stage 4, Metastatic Neuroblastoma we wanted to help her and her ohana. This type of cancer primary is found in children but rarely in adults (3 out of 10 million). 


  • My Wish!

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer I watched our family and friends rally around us to support us in whatever way they could. I watched the concern and worry on my husband’s and children’s faces when they found out I had cancer. Our children were too young to know the details, but smart enough to know something was wrong. In that moment I vowed to fight. After I was done with treatment I wanted to do something memorable for my family so decided I would work hard to get us to Disneyland. It took 3 years but we did it. The best thing about it, was it was a first of many; first time in a airplane, first time off the island, first time to the mainland, first time to Disneyland (as well as the other amusement parks), and our twins turned 9 on this trip. We also got to share this experience with our amazing friends. They made this trip so much more fun and memorable.
  • Bag for a Bag!

    After months of planning, designing, campaigning, and prepping today we donated 100 custom made toiletry bags to the cancer patients at Queen’s Medical Center. Each person will be gifted with a toiletry bag, a story card, dust bag, and a notebook donated by Hale Kulani. Mahalo Queen’s for saving people’s lives every single day.