My Story

 Lai Sha is a woman with an inspiring story of resilience and creativity. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she faced physical, emotional, mental, and financial challenges that threatened to overwhelm her. But instead of giving up, she turned to sewing and designing as a way to cope with her struggles and create something beautiful in the world.

This led to the birth of KUMUMEA, an accessories brand based out of the Big Island in Hawai’i. The brand's philosophy is rooted in a deep understanding of Native Hawaiian and Western culture, and each product is designed to help grow, support, and enhance the lehua, symbolizing continuous growth and resilience.

Lai Sha's brand includes five lines, each telling the story of a mother's victorious journey through cancer and the living elements in the birth names of her children. The names of each line are Hiapo, Kaona, Ho'ola, Ulana, and Na'iau, each carrying a unique meaning and representing different aspects of life.

Despite the challenges Lai Sha has faced, she has emerged as a successful businesswoman with a small team that continues to design new collections in limited edition. Her creativity and flexibility have allowed her to express herself through her designs and inspire others to overcome their own struggles with strength and beauty.