My Story

Lai Sha's journey from a breast cancer diagnosis to the creation of KUMUMEA, a Hawaiian accessories brand, is a testament to resilience and creativity. Confronting physical, emotional, mental, and financial challenges, Lai Sha turned to sewing and design as a transformative outlet.

KUMUMEA, rooted in Native Hawaiian and Western cultures, embodies growth and resilience, symbolized by the lehua flower. Featuring five lines—Hiapo, Kaona, Ho'ola, Ulana, and Na'iau—each narrates a triumphant cancer journey and the living elements of her children's birth names.

Despite adversity, Lai Sha thrives as a successful businesswoman, leading a small team crafting limited-edition collections. Her designs not only express creativity but also inspire others to find strength and beauty amid life's challenges. Join KUMUMEA's journey, where each accessory tells a unique tale of triumph and resilience.